WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Cool

This Fashionista caught my eye from a mile away. Her laid-back T-shirt mixed with a structured high-waisted pant provided for a casual, yet sophisticated look. Not only did she strut the streets completely effortlessly, but she also somehow looked runway-ready.

This outfit is one of my absolute favorites because this Fashionista is sporting a put together look in a totally casual way. With inspiration from this look and the right care-free attitude, you can turn any casual clothing item into a glamorous statement look.

The simple but funny T-shit advertising a kind of mac and cheese adds humor to her look yet still keeping her chic. This Fashionista is a prime example of how a casual T-shirt can be transformed into a high fashion look, adding some humor to even the most fashionable Fashionistas. A top tied up like this in combination with high-waisted boyfriend jeans adds a flirty edge to what could have been a quite casual look.

Lastly, her suede navy booties completely tie the look together. A suede bootie with a good chunky heal, gives your look a sense of purpose and can make even the most casual of T-shirts look high fashion.

By following in her lead, you too can turn your bargain tops into a runway-ready look. A simple piece can be styled up in the right way with only a few staple accessories. This look is perfect for a day around town, a new adventure, or a stylish street look when exploring a new city!

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