WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

On the rare occasion that dating still happens in college (I won’t go into an analysis of hook up culture), one question pervades; what do I wear? Frankly, there are times that I am forced to even question whether or not that cute guy in my history class asking me to grab dinner is a date or not, so the thought of creating an event appropriate ensemble is daunting to say the least. This week’s Fashionista created the perfect, versatile outfit to wear to any casual occasion.

She started out with a basic, white button-down that doesn’t say too much, but is flattering. It’s slightly cropped fit looks perfect with her high-waisted, light wash skinny jeans, a must-have for this spring. This cropped version from Madewell is ideal. With the addition of classic, white Converse sneakers, she dresses down her look enough for anything from dinner and a movie to bowling.

The key to the casual date night is comfort. You want to be relaxed enough to not have to focus on your outfit while wearing something that makes you feel sexy. Personally, I cannot get enough of a well-fitting jean to accentuate what’s going on back there, but if you feel better in a sundress, then go for it. It is important to not overthink it.

One Simple Change: Date not what you hoped for? Take this look from casual date night to a girls’ night out by swapping the sneakers for edgy, cut-out booties that are all the rage this spring. Jeffrey Campbell has you covered.

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