WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

Date attire during the summer months is always tricky to tackle. It is key to be comfortable throughout the hot and impeccably humid nights. But, it is even more important to look great because who doesn’t want to look their best on a date?

Date night clothing is all about moderation, and this Fashionista rocked it in all senses of the word. It is crucial to think about where the date will take place and the elements. If it is inside at a restaurant, you must be prepared to wear an outfit that will conquer overbearing air conditioning, but you must also be ready to deal with hot summer nights.

By opting to wear a pink short sleeve shirt with white linen pants, it is evident this Fashionista is ready for both the cold air conditioning and the sticky, warm outdoors. Her short sleeves will keep her comfortable outside while, her pants are breezy enough for the heat and can keep her legs warm inside.

Moderation is also crucial when it comes to the actual clothes themselves. It is never a good thing to show too much skin on a date, nor does it look very classy.

Therefore, showing a moderate amount of skin is perfect for date night just like this Fashionista did. By wearing a V-neck short sleeve top, this Fashionista was able to layer fun gold chain necklaces. Her cropped linen pants bring the perfect opportunity to elongate her legs and show off her nude pumps.

This Fashionista’s shoulder bag is ideal for date night as well. Its size can fit the necessities. Her brown purse also makes quite the statement and pops out among the lighter pastel colors in her outfit. By wearing her hair up in an intentionally messy ponytail, this Fashionista brings all of the attention on her. It shows her relaxed personality without trying too hard or looking too put together.

One Simple Change: Swap the pumps for nude flats and the outfit is perfect for a day at your internship.

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