WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

Any date is worth getting dressed up for. Whether it is the first date or the 100th date, it is a special occasion and thus deserves a special outfit. You want the person you’re dating to know that you are excited to be spending time with them and you don’t communicate that by rolling out of bed and showing up looking like death warmed over. Or maybe you do – maybe that’s your thing. That’s cool, too. But if you’re anything like me, you look for any reason to get a little dolled up. What could be a better excuse than a casual date?

If your date is someone spectacular, you want to leave such a good lasting impression that subsequent dates will follow. Your sparkling personality will obviously play a large role in that, but why not give it a little nudge by looking absolutely stunning?! This Fashionista will have absolutely no trouble lingering in her date’s mind long after the date has ended.

The boldest color in existence teamed up with the most romantic fabric to create the perfect dress for a date. The perfection increases with the sweetheart neckline and flirty cutout in the back. This dress is fierce enough to catch anyone’s eye but casual enough to not have you appear as though you are trying too hard, which is exactly the look you should want to achieve on a casual date. Head on over to Wet Seal to purchase the close relative of the featured Fashionista’s dress for your next date with that super special someone!

One Simple Change: This Fashionista manages to keep this look casual with flip flops and a ponytail but you can dress this look up a bit by letting your hair down and stepping into a fabulous pair of heels for a look that’s perfect for a night out with the girls! Go for an adorable bootie to provide the perfect amount of support and security needed to dance like no one’s watching!

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