What To Wear: Casual Date Night

This is such a fun season, and a summer fling would go oh so nicely with this beautiful weather. Where do you envision the perfect date? Whether it’s a mint chocolate-chip cone during sunset on the pier or a candlelit dinner in a chic little restaurant in town, your outfit is of utmost importance. This Fashionista’s fresh take on a somewhat ’60s style is an exciting idea to try out. It doesn’t matter where she’s going because an outfit like this works for an ice cream or a dinner date and everything in between. Summer is all about spontaneity, and she has found a style that can go anywhere, anytime.

In the season of mini shorts and sundresses, the pencil skirt is a fairly neglected concept. This length of skirt is the epitome of chic sophistication. Not only can it be worn with anything, but is appropriate for almost any occasion. The cute stripes on her skirt are a pump of youthful energy on a timeless cut. For fun, try a pencil skirt with an even crazier print. Paired with a sleek long-sleeved shirt and little red heels, this is a truly lively look.

Looking fabulous in heels doesn’t always entail five inch platforms and planning a date specifically to avoid walking anywhere. The kitten heels this stylish lady has chosen are bright, cheerful and above all, easy to walk in. They add a nice bit of height without sacrificing comfort. Red heels are a fantastic color choice for this ’60s inspired ensemble, but pair of heels of similar height in turquoise or salmon would be just as impressionable.

This Fashionista’s beauty look is full of tips to take home. When it’s this nice out, you definitely don’t want to be caked with makeup. Her choice of very light eye makeup makes her lipstick a happy pop of color that really stands out. The trick is to play up one feature so that your makeup doesn’t feel too heavy in the heat.

One Simple Change: For those of you that aren’t too big on skirts of this length, this style is still worth keeping in your repertoire. Substituting the pencil skirt for a long, sheer skirt like this one is a great way to make it work. Likewise, a shorter skirt in a similar material would be a little lighter for summer. Abandoning the skirt idea altogether and opting for a pair of white denim capri jeans would definitely play down this look for date of a more chill nature.

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