WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

In my opinion, a casual date night consists of two people conversing over a light dinner of sushi followed by some fro-yo. How to dress for a casual date night? Easy. Every Fashionisto needs a pair of cargo shorts (basketball shorts are to strictly be worn at the gym) and a nice pair of sneakers. I spotted this Fashionisto out at dinner with his girlfriend wearing the perfect outfit, so I had to snap a picture.

Classics are a must. This vivid purple Lacoste V-neck T-shirt is exactly what you should match to these white True Religion cargo shorts. Every Fashionisto knows that it is very important for your sneakers to match your outfit. These purple Nike Air Jordans are clean and simple and they complete his purple and white casual outfit. In every Fashionisto’s closet, it is important to have several staple sneakers — a pair to wear at the gym, a pair to go out to a party in and a pair to wear every day. These sneakers will vary in color, support and style and it takes a true Fashionisto to know which sneaker to pair with each outfit.

This outfit was perfected by silver and black leather jewelry. His David Yurman cross necklace, David Yurman leather and beaded bracelet and silver Gucci watch helped take this outfit to the next level. This Fashionisto let me know that he never goes out of the house without his watch. It is important for every Fashionista or Fashionisto to have a piece of jewelry or clothing that he or she absolutely loves to wear. It personalizes the outfit and gives you the confidence you need to go out and take on the day.

This Fashionisto not only dresses perfectly for each occasion, but he has the confidence to rock bright colors and different styles. It is very important to keep it fresh and to always keep your style on.

One Simple Change: Switching the cargo pants to a pair of jeans will help this outfit go from casual date night to a meet the parents ensemble.

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