WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

Is there really such a thing as the perfect date? There’s the chance you accidentally spill on yourself, get lost (even with the GPS) or those movie tickets sell out when you are next in line. I am not sure there has ever been a date with totally smooth sailing, but I do know one thing I can help you nail: your outfit!

If you have yet to enter a Brandy Melville store, you are about to be pleasantly surprised. Although the store is filled with clothing described as “one size fits most,” if you do indeed like the sizing of the apparel, you are guaranteed to be thrilled with what you find. The brand is described as “refined and fashionable, yet relaxed” according to their website and this Fashionista’s Brandy dress fits that description perfectly. This tiny floral print is also available in different styles of dresses as well as skirts. You cannot beat the prices at this store and you will find everything from sweaters to maxi skirts to graphic tanks.

My favorite part of this outfit is her decision to pair leather combat boots with a girly dress. I believe there is no better way to look edgy and stylish than combining opposite pieces like these two. Even better, these boots look great with a summery dress, but are an investment that you can get plenty of use out of during every season of the year!

To keep your outfit casual, especially when you’ve chosen a dress, keep your accessories low key. This backpack, one of my favorite unexpected accessories, adds a playful touch that balances the boots and dress. Plus, you’ll have plenty of room for mints, a Tide To Go stain remover or whatever else you may need to revive your perfect date!

One Simple Change: For a less rocker look, say, for a day of errands, lose the boots and grab a pair of cute canvas sneakers. I usually gravitate towards Converse or Vans.


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