WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

For girls, dressing up for a casual date night can be the most fun yet frustrating of times. It’s fun because you get to try on a variety of outfits, reminding you of the fun dress-up games you played as a kid. It’s frustrating because it’s nearly impossible to decide on one single outfit to wear for a date. For guys, it’s a different story. Yes, they do care about their appearance to some extent, but it’s not so much of a lengthy process as it is for girls. Nonetheless, here is a way to dress-up for a casual date night.

This Fashionisto nails it with his collared shirt, fitted pants and loafers. Wearing a collared shirt automatically adds formality to an outfit. To make the shirt look more casual, take a note from this Fashionisto, and leave the top a few buttons open. I’m a huge fan of this contrast collar shirt trend, especially this blue shirt with the white collar.  It adds youthfulness to a classic look. Whether you are a Fashionista or a Fashionisto, I highly recommend adding this piece to your wardrobe. This Fashionisto wears it with black pants, but they also look chic with shorts or a pencil skirt. Also, the color blue basically goes with any other color. I am positive that is the reason why jeans will always be in style. Here is the female version of this shirt.

This Fashionisto’s brown leather loafers bring together his outfit and completes it. Brown (with regards to footwear) is another one of those colors that go flawlessly with any other color of an outfit. Loafers themselves are not too casual, yet not too formal, which is perfect for a casual date night. This outfit works because the colors blue, black and brown are all considered more neutral colors. Stacking neutral colors on top of each other, as this Fashionisto did, makes it seem like all the pieces of his outfit seem to match, despite the color differences. (Note: this only works with neutral colors! This look would be hard to pull off if all his clothing were different bright colors.)

One Simple Change: To easily change this look for a weekend getaway. Simply switch the pants for khaki colored shorts and add a cute straw fedora. See? The blue and white contrast collar shirt really does go well with everything!

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