WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

Every summer, girls across the nation seek out a summer romance. Whether it’s with a guy you met at the beach or your longtime boyfriend, this is the perfect time of year to try new things and go new places for date night. Dining at a new restaurant, summer concerts and games, or even just going to the movies becomes a little more exciting in the summer. With the extra time, there are more options for dates like festivals and cookouts. and with rising temperatures, there are more style options. You want to dress cute without looking like you’re trying too hard. You can break out of your style rut by taking a cue from this Fashionista for casual date night.

This Fashionista picked out the perfect outfit for a relaxed date that will either draw in a new fling or impress a longtime boyfriend. She chose an army green blouse in a smooth, silky material. Most people’s first instinct would be to dress this blouse up, but not this Fashionista! She paired it with a pair of black, distressed cut-offs for a more casual look that is ideal for going out on a fun, relaxed summer date. Whether this Fashionista is going to the movies or out for dinner, she is dressed to impress while still looking trendy and fashion forward.

She kept her accessories simple but still chic. This Fashionista chose simple sandals to complete the look. She also wore a chain necklace to keep the look edgy but still casual.

One Simple Change: Adding a skirt and heels to this blouse will take the look from casual date night, to dressy date night.

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