My latest obsession? Men. Well, more so men’s clothing. Who doesn’t enjoy a well-dressed man? Humor me and pretend you do even if you don’t. I love scoping out the best-dressed fellas on campus, but often times I’m disappointed at the lack of effort. I know it may seem pointless to put too much thought into the days ensemble when your most exciting plans are class; nonetheless, there are ways to look pulled together without much thought.

This Fashionisto does just that. I caught him on his way to class, looking notable for his effortless ensemble. His long sleeved T-shirt is a great go to for a day of classes; two words: comfortable and relaxed. It adds a nice pop of color and is simple enough to wear with any of your favorite bottoms. The neutral denim is a nice change up to your classic blue jeans. Not to mention it pairs well with any color. The shoes in this ensemble are my personal favorite. I love corduroy and leather on shoes and these Vans nail the look. They make the outfit whole and are a standout piece.

For all those men who want to give a little extra effort, I’ve got some fashionable finds for you. This first pair of Vans is laced up with leather. One variation is dark brown leather with contrasting laces and the other is light tan suede. Both are neutral enough to pair with anything and without a doubt statement pieces. This pair of sneakers by Puma does corduroy justice. The black shade is versatile and the sneaker is simple enough to wear everyday. You could easily throw these on with an outfit that has a little more going on and calls for a simpler shoe. Whichever you choose, these shoes will put you on the fashion radar and you won’t even have to do anything.

One Simple Change: Have to head to your internship after class? I’ve got you covered. Switch out the long-sleeved T-shirt for a nice button-down and ditch the hat. Make this change and you will look professional without being

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