With summer classes in full swing, it becomes more challenging to make an effort to dress nicely for class, especially because it’s the off-season academic period. The summer heat and the weekend getaways can be distracting to the studious mind. Nonetheless, today’s Fashionista’s outfit is a great of example of what to wear for class because it is both stylish and professional.

What makes this outfit appropriate for class is this Fashionista’s mix of dressy and casual styling elements. She has paired a casual short sleeved jacket with a cami, jeans and a dressy pair of boots. When all of these elements are put together, the ensemble presents an individual who looks professional in an academic environment while still looking fashionable. The casual plain white cami accentuates the beautiful knitted floral pattern on the back of her jacket. Additionally, both tops are white; together, they are a perfect color scheme for the summer season.

The Fashionista has matched the top two pieces with her blue jeans and boots. I think jeans are always a good choice because they are comfortable in a class setting and transition well into after class activities. Furthermore, a pair of plain jeans allows for the boots to stand out and make a fashion statement. The heel on this Fashionista’s boot dresses her outfit up, making her look presentable in an academic environment. You can find a similar style of boot at Frye (a brand that is notorious for its excellent craftsmanship).

One Simple Change: One simple change would be to swap the cami for a dressier top. For example, if today’s Fashionista paired her jacket with a brown top, she would dress up her outfit and embellish the embroidered part of her jacket. Wearing a dressier brown top would also match her brown boots. Perhaps that ensemble could be worn to an interview for a summer internship because a formal top would complement a heeled shoe in a work setting. Zara offers a top that would definitely serve this outfit well.

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