Every time I have my mid-semester holidays, I will do my usual routine: sleep in, brunch with my gal pals and a weekend getaway or two, to take a break from the hustle bustle of the city. But part of the routine is also indulging into one my guilty pleasures: Gossip Girl re-runs.

Despite the dramatic storylines, I absolutely love the costumes. From Blair’s, Serena’s and Jenny’s outfits, the preppy look is always an influence on my wardrobe. So ironically even though it is my holidays, I’m already thinking about what to wear to class!

When I spotted this Fashionista, I immediately was drawn to her knee-high socks. It reminds me of the “Constance School for Girls” look or remotely, me being back in high school, when I had to wear the uniform. The preppy look always made me feel, well at least, a little more eager to study!  Knee high socks are definitely part of the preppy look and are pretty popular these days too, so you won’t be the only one eager to go back to college.

But don’t let the whole preppy look fool you. I love how this Fashionista twisted it up a notch. Her outfit is a little festival-bohemian as well! Denim shorts? Check. Casual T-shirt? Check. Scarf and raincoat necessary for winter days? Oh yes, check! Looking at the Fashionista’s outfit as a whole, you can tell that mixing up the trends to reflect your personality, is key.

If you want to remain on the preppy route, wear this Topshop pinafore with a basic T-shirt underneath. If you want to brighten it up, a bright coat will do. It is totally Upper East Side material.

One Simple Change: Take away the knee high socks, replace it with your summer sandals and you have an outfit to go to the music festivals!


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