The saying “All ends are new beginnings” always helps me get through the last days of summer. Surely we’ll miss the carefree days and long warm nights but it’s always good to meet our college and work friends again. Going to campus this week turned out to be a great foreshadowing of the outfits I’ll see during the upcoming semester. This lovely Fashionista is the perfect example.¬†Though in some countries girls wear heels from a very young age, here in Portugal they are sort of a taboo. One of the things I like most about college is that this prejudice (so visible during high school) is long gone, so beautiful wedges like the ones this Fashionista chose are a hit.

Her trousers were also a lovely pick. The ethnic pattern, along with the singular cut and the soft fabric are perfect for the warm weather. When combined with the heels they look more refined, and therefore perfect for classes. The tank top follows the colour trend of this look, and its versatility is ideal if you want a sudden change of outfit.

This Fashionista opted to go light on accessories, a choice I understand given the stress of the first college days. However, the little detail of her also ethnic earrings was a clever choice. It complements the look without making her outfit too “matchy matchy”. Add a pair of edgy Von Zipper sunglasses to keep your eyes protected and all is set to enjoy a quick break under the sun between classes!

One Simple Change: If you need to do a presentation, switch the tank top for a simple blouse and a blazer and you’ll be ready to nail it.

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