WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s July so it’s summer right? Call me crazy but the weather has clearly not received the memo because I spend more time picking out which sweater or cardigan to wear with my cute dresses or skirts. One minute the sun is blazing and the heat overbearing, and the next requires an umbrella and wellies. For those of us who are currently in internships and spend our days going to and fro from errands to office, it can get pretty dicey. We often stuff our adorable bags with tights, hats, flats and umbrellas because you never know. While warmth is key, we can’t help but want to show off our summer chic. No wonder everyone has the sniffles or a downright cold!

When times become unpredictable we Fashionistas adapt with ease and grace. Much like this one who mixed vacation staples with weather appropriate pieces.   While the skies were surprisingly clear that day, the oceanic winds were at their best. Her horizontal striped T-shirt and Ray-Bans brought a youthful air to Jean-Paul Gautier’s lifelong staple while her leggings and comfortable boots inspired warmth and simplicity. While black does reign in her outfits often, she proves that it does not have to equal boring or frumpy.

This Fashionista has given herself room to play with accessories if it so pleases her. She can easily throw on some metallic bangles, a statement necklace or oversized earrings and still be in the realm of comfy chic.

One Simple Change: Red lipstick, a trendy cape and a statement bag, and you’re ready for a brunch worthy of Carrie Bradshaw.

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