WHAT TO WEAR: Commuting Style

Being a college student is sometimes hard, especially in the morning. Image that you have to wake up at 7 a.m. in a winter morning to manage a whole day’s classes, what’s the quickest look to remain appealing and dynamic? Sweater with a big coat of course! Do not get bored yet, the simplest match has so many distinctions.

The look for today is a set in the color of blue. The serenity blue is one of the annual colors of the year 2016. Girls have always been associated with sweet pink, however, what’s interesting about this look is that the wool-blend coat in quiet blue gives a feeling of tenderness as well. In combination with the masculine smart waistcoat, which is a waistcoat dress instead of a short vest, the strong and soft styles merge so well.

She’s not losing details either. She leaves the first button on the waistcoat undone to make a suit-like collar, which helps to lengthen the neckline and reveals the necklace. The ring necklace with a hexagram looks so simple, but cute. The oxford flats are classic and complementary. The silk stockings actually have a dark fringe on them. To fit the blue set, a bright rose red lipstick brings the point of her makeup.

While I named it commuting style, this look is suitable either for a presentation in class, or for attending a job interview for internships. It does provide a good impression of smart and chic. The best part is, it’s comfortable and warm. Now go and prepare a set comprised of a sweater and coat for tomorrow’s look.

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