I think most of us would agree that some of the best summer memories come from gathering up a bunch of friends and heading to a concert. Blasting music, tailgating and being unfathomably close to your favorite singers creates an electric vibe that makes for great times and great stories.

The only problem is there are so many questions that surround what to wear to a concert. If it’s an outdoor venue, how can I dress for a humid evening but a chilly night? Should I wear the band’s T-shirt? What if I meet the singer and my outfit isn’t perfect enough? Luckily, this Fashionisto brilliantly demonstrates the perfect concert outfit so that your only worry is how loud to belt the lyrics.

This Fashionisto shows that you can hardly go wrong with sporting the band/singer’s T-shirt. While it may not be revolutionary, it shows your support and dedication while incorporating that cool, relaxed (concert) atmosphere into your outfit. Don’t have or want to wear the band’s T-shirt? Not to worry! Sporting an over-sized sweater or a flowy top will give you the same effect. Adding colored shorts makes your look more refined, yet still keeps your outfit casual, cool and chic. Finish off your look with some sneakers. Remember, you’re going to be on your feet all night, and nothing will ruin your night faster than aching soles. This Fashionisto found a pair that complement his outfit, create the perfect street-style feel and keep his feet comfortable! Use these tips and you’ll be all set to sing and dance the night away!

One Simple Change: Headed to a festival? Ditch the colored shorts for high-waisted denim shorts to boost your outfit to boho chic. Swap out the sneakers for sandals or wedges and your outfit will be Coachella cool in no time!


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