Summertime means having fun outside with friends before it’s back to camping out in the library all semester. There are an endless number of activities for outdoor fun, one of them being concerts. In the Northeastern Pennsylvania area, there are so many concert venues to choose from. The easy part is deciding whether or not to splurge on tickets (always a yes). The hard part, at least for me, is figuring out what to wear.

Concerts are always a summertime must. We get to hang out with friends and see our favorite artists. These events usually last a few hours so comfort is always key. This Fashionista kept her concert ensemble casual knowing that she would be out for an unknown amount of time. She chose a go-to pair of jean shorts, a summer staple, and a mint green blouse. Now usually, I hear blouses and think office wear, but hers had a surprise element in the back. The upper back of her trendy top had cutouts which screamed warm weather. Her top is similar to this one from Express.

She also accessorized her outfit with aviators, like this style from Ray-Ban. Aviators are a must for every style maven’s wardrobe, especially during these warmer months. Her pair showed off her tanned skin and blonde, beach wavy hairstyle. She kept the tan accessories going with her gladiator sandals, braided belt and wristwatch.

Now, no matter the concert or the venue, make sure to choose the perfect ensemble for a fun night out. Go with something that won’t irritate or annoy you during the event and don’t forget to accessorize in order to tie the outfit together.

One Simple Change: Transition this outfit from outdoor wear to indoors by swapping the jean shorts for skinny black jeans, like these from Madewell. Make the outfit sleeker by trading the nude gladiators for a black, open-toed wedge. Now, it’s the perfect outfit for a date night with that lucky fellow.

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