One of my absolute favorite movies is Almost Famous. From the killer soundtrack to the portrayal of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, that film always makes me wish I was around during the ’70s. Perhaps what I love most about that movie, however, are the costumes. Kate Hudson’s character Penny Lane’s wardrobe in the movie is filled with statement platforms, oversized sunnies and, my personal favorite, standout coats.

When I spotted this Fashionista, she looked like a modern day Penny Lane. Her look screams 1970s groupie in the best possible way. But fashion choices make her a total 21st century Fashionista. Let’s start from the bottom up. Her wedge sandals are anything but basic. This Fashionista’s pair (which happen to Prada—swoon) may look just like basic black leather. But, upon further inspection, you will notice the intricate baroque detailing. The trippy swirls are nice added touch, as is the pop of blue on the sandal’s sole. All these little details make this Fashionista’s footwear choice something to be admired.

Another accessory to admire are her sunglasses. Traditionally, the 1970s era sunglasses were oversized round frames. This Fashionista stayed true to the oversized silhouette, but modernized her pair by opting for a more square frame. The wire frame is a nice choice as it really disappears and let’s the gradient frames be the focal point.

The pièce de résistance of this Fashionista’s concert ready look, however, is her coat. I mean, how amazing, right? There is no easier and chicer way to create drama then with a statement coat. This Fashionista’s leopard print number is always on trend. Animal prints, especially leopard, is a classic print and sure fire way to make any outfit feel and look special.

So the next time you are getting ready to a concert, let your hair down, throw on the Almost Famous soundtrack and get inspired by this Fashionista. Your look is destined to make you a star.

One Simple Change: Heading straight from an all night concert to class? Simply swap out the coat for a boyfriend cardigan and you are set to at least pass as attentive during lecture. (However, leave on the shades to cover up the bags under your eyes from your lack of sleep.)

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