WHAT TO WEAR: Confident In Class

Happy Spring!

It’s still chilly here in Syracuse, it even started snowing as I hopped on the Greyhound to go home and begin my spring break. However, ugly weather doesn’t have to keep you from looking cute. It was dreary out when I found this Fashionista hiding from the rain. From the distressed denim to the colored eyeliner, her confidence shown from head to toe.

The hood on her olive green long sleeve shirt portrays a mysterious “who’s that girl?” vibe. It’s important to be comfortable, and comfort doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. The loose, black and white color-block shirt neatly brings together the green top and blue denim without making the outfit unbearably loud. The distressed jeans provide variety in texture. Ripped denim is a great option to make an outfit stylishly casual and show attitude as you strut across the quad.

Now let’s talk details—this Fashionista matched her distressed jeans with several piercings, a red velvet choker, and blue eyeliner. The outfit is finished with a trusty pair of brown leather ankle booties. This is a look that screams confident and unstoppable.

I often read and hear rules about how one “should” dress for class, whether crop tops are acceptable when you have love handles, or if heels are appropriate. Outside of a school dress code, I say go for it. Too many times I find myself leaving my thigh-high boots in the closet because I’m afraid of judging stares, body shamers, and whispers behind my back of “trying too hard.”

Growing up, you learn that other people’s opinions should not be a deciding factor in how you express yourself. As long as you are doing so safely and not causing any harm to yourself or others, you should wear what you want. Fashion is an expression of your inner-self and who you are is beautiful no matter what you wear and regardless if your T-shirt cost $200 or was from Fruit of the Loom.

So don’t worry if chokers are a recycled style, or if your faux fur ensemble is more suited for the runway than a two hour lecture. It’s all about how you feel in your clothes, and you should feel amazing.

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