WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

There are some nights where you find yourself back in your room after a day full of class, ready to throw on your yoga pants (not that you own a pair because, well, we’re Fashionistas) and watch Scandal while your roommate offers you tea. Then you realize it’s a Friday night and the world expects you to be social. My idea is to usually just throw on some heels with whatever I wore this day, but that doesn’t always work. Luckily, this week’s Fashionista shows us how to take your look from day to night seamlessly making the tear away from Netflix much easier.

Opting for a grunge chic look that would make Kate Moss proud, our Fashionista takes an “oh so trendy” gray turtleneck and pairs it with leather moto pants, an oversized boyfriend coat and classic, black Dr. Martens. While the look may not have bright prints or extraneous details, the clean lines and timeless silhouettes are chic and edgy, making for the perfect outfit for either a day at class or a night out to bars with friends. This look will help you transition from your busy days to your busier nights, and no one will question your style once.

One Simple Change: So many layers can get a little hot for Greek events—sweaty frat guys under the influence just don’t respect the beauty of a good sweater. For a less relaxed night time event, swap the coat and sweater for a breezy tank top and bandeau. For my friends on the shorter side, swap the flat combat boots for heels and enjoy your night out! I will be at home with Netflix.

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