WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Recently, I’ve been suffering from London withdrawals. After spending a semester in a city full of kooky fashion and a handful of activities right outside your doorstep, even San Diego is noticeably less electric. The thing I miss most about London is definitely its style. British style is truly unparalleled and I love how Londoners bravely challenge fashion boundaries by donning the most outrageous outfits (cat heads, ridiculously high platform shoes and colored fur jackets). As a result of my nostalgia, I’ve been pathetically going through the photos I snapped at London Fashion Week. Whilst browsing through my LFW pictures, I noticed quite a few spring trends that flowed into summer. One of the fads is the maxi skirt, which I’m sure y’all know by now I am a huge fan of.

At London Fashion Week, I just had to photograph this Fashionista because of her fabulously flamboyant neon pink maxi skirt (not to mention her black fedora, fur jacket, statement necklace and platform boots that certainly help add to the appeal of her ensemble). Obviously, there are numerous in vogue pieces to her getup, but for the sake of this column I’m going to focus on her skirt.

Maxi skirts are perfect if you’re going from day to night because they provide enough ventilation to wear during the 100-degree summer days (just make sure to wear one with a crop top or bandeau) and, since they cover your legs, you can wear them during cold Cali nights (just make sure to throw on a jacket).

To rock a maxi skirt like this Fashionista does, check out this hot pink one. During the day, wear it with this rad faux leather crop top. At night, just throw on this warm sweater coat from Free People and this cuffed beanie and you’re set!

One Simple Change: For a fancy date night, pair a maxi skirt with a lace strapless crop top. Tuck the top into the maxi skirt, so it looks like a maxi dress and complete the look with a classy statement necklace to make a stylish and elegant date night outfit!

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