WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

While each one of us wishes we could a pull a Queen Bey and “wake up, flawless,” the sad reality for us mere mortals is that the morning is not always great. For me, it revolves around the struggle to remove myself from my heavenly cloud of a comforter, climb down my eight foot loft and then attempt to coherently put together a resemblance of an outfit while scarfing down toast (sorry to disappoint, BeyoncĂ©). Fortunately, we can take a page out of the books of our peers, like this week’s Fashionisto, and learn how to make the mornings easy.

In a bizarre turn of events, Atlanta is having a second cold front. Emory students everywhere are questioning why they bothered leaving the North amidst our second snowpocalypse, but this Fashionisto was bright and smiling, ready for the day in a killer outfit. What struck me was that he could wear three layers, be toasty and not look like an overgrown marshmallow. After many a furrowed brow, I realized that the thin down coat, the ultimate cold weather savior, and thick knit, shawl collar cardigan layered nicely to keep him cozy yet sleek.

The cherry on top was undoubtedly his hat (I’m sorry for that pun). The beanie added a pop of color and is perfect for any bed head you might have in the morning. Rather than sticking to the traditional black, his gray and red combination was eye-catching and adorable. The pom on top was the perfect note of whimsy on a wonderfully functional outfit.

One Simple Change: Swap out the beanie for a comb to smooth out your hair before your class presentation in that eight a.m. Hats don’t usually sit well, but this polished look will take you through your day with ease.

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