WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

I am not a morning person. When I need to wake up any time before 10, it’s a struggle. For this reason, I have always dreaded morning class. As if waking up early isn’t bad enough, us Fashionistas are expected to look stylish at all hours. This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for early class because she combines just the right amount of trendiness with comfort.

This Fashionista’s layers are the perfect way to hastily look put together. She starts with a simple, sky blue T-shirt. She then layers an oversized, striped button-down shirt over her tee. The black and white stripes look great with her blue tee and add a needed pop of print to her ensemble. This Fashionista then adds a lightweight, chambray vest as her final layer. I love how all three of her layers are different fabrics. The combination of denim, chiffon and cotton creates an interesting mix of textures that makes her outfit more interesting.

This Fashionista pairs her lovely layers with ripped cut-offs. These shorts are a summer staple and can be dressed up or down. Her casual, comfortable layers go well with the laid back vibe of her bottoms. This Fashionista’s black, leather boots add some polish to her look and tie in perfectly with the black stripes on her button-down.

My favorite part about this Fashionista’s look is her accessories. Her clothing is casual, which is perfect for morning classes, but she makes her outfit more stylish with the simple addition of some jewelry and sunglasses. This Fashionista’s long necklace gives off a cool, ethnic vibe that goes well with her overall look. Her beaded bracelets and multiple rings are interesting details in her otherwise simple ensemble. This Fashionista finishes her look with trendy, round sunglasses and an oversized black bag. Combine her simple layers with cool jewelry and you have an easy outfit for morning class!

One Simple Change: Denim shorts are extremely versatile. Instead of wearing them with boots and layers like this Fashionista, try pairing the shorts with sandals and a tank for the beach!

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