WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

You would think that during the spring and summer sessions a class that starts before midday wouldn’t exist. Not only do they exist, but in bountiful numbers. Of course, I may have a loose definition of “early”, as I do consider anything beginning before noon to be an outrage in our educational system. It’s hard enough to want to get up for your nine o’clock class during the normal school year, but during the summer months, it’s a whole different and significantly more challenging ball game.

Despite this major setback, dressing well for early class is still very much possible without the help of running shorts and a T-shirt. This Fashionista’s floral tank top is perfectly suited for summer. With pops of orange and blue, it is a simple way to wake yourself up in a class you could easily find yourself dozing off in. The cinched waist accents her body and adds some structure without creating discomfort.

The best way to quickly perk up a look is undoubtedly through accessories, and this Fashionista adds just the right touches. Her ballet flats alternate between the right shades of blue to complement her top (…and will get her to class in a hurry minus this risk of injury that goes along with heels and wedges). Sticking with the cool tones, her oversized blue bag adds some metallic sheen and texture to the look, and depending on what you take to class, could hold a notebook or two. She also sports a hot pink headband, which not only keeps her hair out of her face, but adds a warm color, punctuating her outfit.

One Simple Change: The real beauty of this floral top is that it could be easily dressed up or down. For a job interview, she could switch out the jeans for a colored pencil skirt and be ready to go.

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