Errands are probably the worst thing in the world—at least getting to the point of starting errands can seem like the hardest thing in the world. Or maybe it’s just me. Whenever I have to do laundry or buy household items, it always takes me longer to start than to actually do the errand. Wearing a cute outfit, however, helps make running errands more exciting, so I recommend using it as an incentive to start your drab chores.

The key is to create a cute ensemble that won’t prohibit you from finishing your errands in an efficient manner. This Fashionista has the idea down pat with her relaxed skirt and top combo. To make the look more interesting, she layers with a chunky cardigan, floral peacoat and patterned tights. Since it still feels like the middle of winter here in South Bend, the layered look is extremely necessary, but it also makes the ensemble seem more detailed and thought out. The subtle design on her tights adds a quirky flair to her look and fittingly complements the floral pattern on her peacoat.

If you need some motivation for your next errand run, dress up! Take a page from this Fashionista’s style book and decorate a skirt and top combo with layers and accessories! Pile a comfy cardigan and eye-catching peacoat on top of your shirt, and finish off with patterned tights. Then, grab your check list and start working on crossing out those annoying tasks!

One Simple Change: If you’re looking for a less complex outfit for a day at the library, exchange all the layers for a loose fitting sweater for a cute look that won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable whilst writing that paper.

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