With the hustle and bustle of a city like Boston, it’s difficult to find a pace that fits us right away. There are so many wonderful things this place has to offer, but we tend to overbook ourselves and have a sort of an highly active social life. Add a full college curriculum on top of that and you have yourself a tight schedule that only allows for a few gaps of free time here and there. Running around doing errands isn’t particularly fun, but it must be done; we all know that. Mine usually consist of grocery shopping, running to the pharmacy and buying kitchenware. That makes me sound like a downright housewife, but those are what I consider errands. Shopping and catching up with a friend don’t count, ladies!

This Fashionista is wearing an outfit that is comfortable and easy to run around in when you have a million things going on. The worst part about having to run errands for me is that I usually have to do them straight from class or work, which means I have to carry all my school things with me. I used to always think backpacks were uncool, but then I came to college and realized they’re the most practical way to carry your things around. And,¬†you can get ones that are in pretty colors or you can even switch things up and get cool rucksacks.

Adorable leather booties are perfectly comfortable footwear when you need to run to catch the T. Make sure you get a good pair that won’t wear out easily because if they’re cute I assume you’re going to be wearing them often! The scarf is an obvious must for winter time; this Fashionista is wearing a beautiful sheer one that matches her colored pants perfectly. I say this all the time, but just because the trees are dead doesn’t mean you have to dress for a funeral. Spring time is around the corner and pops of color here and there are a great reminder of that.

One Simple Change: If you have a casual date on top of running around, switch out your booties for a cute pair of velvet wedges. They’ll instantly make you date ready while not entirely dressing your outfit up.

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