Summertime is honestly the best time of the year. We get to lounge by pools sipping on lemonades, party till dawn, give up most of our responsibilities and most importantly, sleep in! But sadly we can’t throw every responsibility away. I spotted this Fashionista around a local mall trying to finish off her errands for the day.

Her gorgeous blouse is made of jersey fabric, which is super comfortable and great for all-day wear. Also, the pop of coral is a great way to liven up the outfit and give it a great summer theme. Coral also complements every skin tone and is a great way to follow the trend of bright summer colors without going too crazy!

This Fashionista understands the balance between comfort and style, which I think is one of the hardest things to do. She pairs the flowing blouse with dark-wash denim leggings, which are practical and super comfortable. But the problem with jeggings is that they aren’t always flattering.

So remember this important tip! The location of the jeggings’ waistband fits determines the length of your blouse. With low-waist jeggings, opt for a longer blouse; high-waisted jeggings are great when worn with bustiers and crop tops. High-low blouses work great for both types of jeggings and are great for giving the outfit some flavor!

The show-stopper of this Fashionista’s outfit is her supremely adorable pair of pale pink ballet flats with dainty pink fabric bows. The right shoe can change an outfit — and a life. These flats give the outfit preppy flair and complement the laid-back vibe of this outfit perfectly. This Fashionista topped it all off with an oversized bag and a gorgeous pair of Calvin Klein shades!

One Simple Change: Looking for an outfit to wear for a casual date night? Look no further! Swap out the oversized bag for a chain-link cross-body bag and add cute accessories to pull the entire look together. Swap the Calvin Klein shades out for cat-eye makeup.

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