In terms of style, summer months are often full of loud prints and bright colors. Summer generally means less clothing and more opportunities to dress boldly for most Fashionistas. However, it’s important not to forget that a trendy spin on a classic black and white color palette is always a fashionable option. It’s easy, classic and perfect for a day around town, running errands or grabbing a quick lunch with friends.

I loved how this Fashionista was able to wear black and white throughout her entire outfit without looking seasonally inappropriate or too harsh. This is a hard look to pull off as black and white can sometimes seem cold or abrasive, especially in summer. Take notes from this Fashionista and invest in a flowy T-shirt to tuck into an interesting skirt or in her case, a patterned pair of shorts. This striped shirt from ASOS would be perfect to pair with some skinny jeans and the black and white still stays with the color motif as well.

One of the best aspects of this Fashionista’s look is her accessories. I always say that accessories make or break an outfit and in this case, they most certainly make it. Going against the current jewelry trend of always incorporating hues of gold, this Fashionista primarily sports silver accessories with gold details. Her bold necklace and rings give the outfit the extra something it needs while remaining completely unique and eye-catching. Try to find some large, silver pieces to wear with your black and white ensemble. This ring from Forever 21 is big and bold; it’s perfect for any outfit you model after this Fashionista’s.

One Simple Change: To give this look a more sophisticated feel for a different event, say to meet your parents for dinner, try finding a blazer to throw on top to make the look slightly more formal. This option from ASOS is classic and will work in hundreds of outfits.

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