The summer seems like it is literally sprinting by. I can hardly believe we are halfway through July and soon enough we will be packing up the cars for our treks back to school. For now, everyone has to savor each and every moment and try to cross as much off of the to-do list we all make for the summer. These lists are everything we can’t possibly get done while buried in schoolwork so they build up, especially for people going to college for the first time.

I spotted this excited freshman out running errands getting all of her belongings for her dorm room. Her outfit portrayed simplicity and confidence with the ability to last all day.

Your errands outfit must consist of a few things: comfort, temperature friendliness and, of course, it must be something you like to wear. There is no time to be wasted running to get a sweater because a store has the air conditioning set to frigid or getting a blister running from the post office to the bank and this Fashionista has the right idea. From the bottom up she sports a comfy but cute pair of sandals by Report that are great for lots of walking. Her colored shorts brighten up the outfit and are very versatile because they can be dressed up or down. Her classic eyelet tank top adds a bit of texture to the outfit but keeps it looking clean and simple. Finally, she keeps her jewelry perfect for the occasion. There is no need to over-do the outfit for the grocery store by adding a huge necklace and heavy rings. A few simple silver bangles and silver cross studs did just the trick.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista’s outfit was perfect for a long list of errands. After the errands are finished and you’re getting ready for dinner with a friend, switch out the tank top for a chambray shirt or an oxford button down.

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