When running errands, I think that everyone is entitled to wear whatever they want. When you really think about, there isn’t really a dress code for running errands. Wear what you please, but always let your style shine through. If you ever have trouble finding something to wear, take it from this Fashionisto whose look is casually cool in this hot, summer weather.

I spotted this DJ, also known as your girlfriend’s favorite DJ, running errands in the Loop while sporting a white T-shirt and khaki shorts accessorized with an OBEY hat and red Converses. The key to this look is that it’s very simple and almost anyone can pull off a white t-shirt and khaki shorts. This Fashionisto has a lot of swag within himself and its easily visible. Not everyone can do that, you know? To give his look a little more individuality, he added an Aztec print OBEY hat from Urban Outfitters and a pair of all red low-top Converses that give us that pop of color…literally. This Fashionisto is doing it right.

Two good things to keep in mind when running errands are to always be comfortable (always!) and stay stylish because we all can easily throw on our Ugg boots, wife beaters and sweats. In this hot summer weather, it’s best to stay away from those anyway. Keep it fresh and fly!

One Simple Change: After running errands, this Fashionisto may have a DJ gig. I would give him a whole new look for the night. I would trade in the white t-shirt for a graphic tee, the khaki shorts for a nice pair of denim jeans, and swap out the hat for a pair of readers.

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