Since summer holidays have officially arrived for most of us, the city doesn’t leave you much to do during the day, unless you run errands.

What seems to be a pretty harmless task proves itself to be the ultimate challenge— no one can deny how hard it is to cross the city under such high temperatures in order to fulfill all your duties on time. Desperate times do call for desperate measures so what’s the best way to cope with the immense heat than with a summery and fresh outfit?

This Fashionista’s look is the perfect example. She kept it casual and cool, just like the situation demanded.

Her footwear shows how sandals are our best friends this time of the year, and pairing them with the anklet gives them an unique and very personal twist. Denim shorts are a must have. As long as you opt for the ones that suit you best (let go of anything too loose or too tight), this is the must-have piece for the season. The fact that the tank top was handmade makes it a one of a kind item. The girly necklace, along with the pearls, complement the look without overpowering it.

Surprisingly, clothing wasn’t the main motive of pride for this Fashionista. When I asked to take a closer look at her accessories (her wonderful bag aside), she promptly showed me a SIGG bottle of water. Like she stated, it proved not only that she was eco-friendly but also it showed that fashion goes way beyond what you wear. It’s a lifestyle and we should celebrate it in every way!

One Simple Change: If you’re in for a girls’ night out, choose a good pair of jeans and the highest, most colorful heels you can find. Add a clutch and a pair of bold earrings and you’re ready to go.

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