WHAT TO WEAR: Fancy Date Night

Fashionistos have the bow tie trend, but Fashionistas are integrating and upgrading the typical small bow into their own outfits. Big, bold and elegant is the new trend. I encountered this Fashionista wearing an outfit that allows her to mix it up and have some fun without losing her formal outfit.

This Fashionista’s peplum lace top offers individuality and should get props for doing so. Her top has a big bow that gives her outfit that final touch. This Fashionista decided to challenge the heat by wearing a lace top to help her stay fresh in this Texas weather. She nailed the fancy date night look by wearing a peplum top to keep her outfit elegant.

So, how exactly should you wear a peplum top? Should you wear it with distressed jeans, a pencil skirt, shorts or some sleek trousers? The possibilities are infinite and you can never go wrong if you decide to wear one of these options. Since this Fashionista did not find the peplum dress she was looking for, she played with her wardrobe and created her own. By layering a peplum top over her silk skirt, voilá she created a peplum dress! Something to keep in mind Fashionistas, when you cannot find what you are looking for, create it instead.

Since every girl needs accessories, this Fashionista did not forget hers. Instead of wearing those bold accessories she kept it chic and simple by wearing a headwrap and a bracelet. This Fashionista wanted her main focus to be on the bow. Therefore her choices complemented her outfit but focused on the top.

Her heels are the perfect choice for a fancy event. This Fashionista is wearing a pair of beige silk heels. Heels are a must-have for your summer selections. You will be able to find a pair of silk heels by looking at this online website called Heels.

Always remember, peplums celebrate your femininity and accentuate the womanly shape of an hourglass. Peplum skirts, tops and dresses are the perfect way to add some curves around your waist. They flatter any body type when worn correctly, and add a form of elegance to your outfit. Accessories do not have to be bold all the time and heels are a must-have.

One Simple Change: This outfit is perfect for a fancy date night but if you swap the skirt for a pair of high-waisted shorts, you are ready to hit downtown Dallas. Since you already have the heels you are ready for the club or a girls night out.

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