WHAT TO WEAR: Fancy Date Night

Let’s just admit it: everyone loves dressing up. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is or what time of year, but we all (boys and girls) love getting primped whenever an occasion presents itself. There’s no doubt that this provides a little entertainment, from the moment you browse through your wardrobe until you’re all ready to go! I’ve realized recently though that girls get really stressed out when it comes to dates. All confidence goes out the door and suddenly we hate everything in our closet, nothing fits right and a favorite blouse is dirty.

In my experience, guys aren’t going to really notice what you’re wearing unless you decide to wear a leather corset and fishnet tights; seriously, they’ve asked you out on a date for another reason. Your outfit certainly isn’t the most important thing about going on a date. It is, however, the most fun.

This Fashionista braved a cold day in Boston wearing a dress and black tights. Not only does she look adorable, but by the pop of red on her lips you can tell she had fun getting ready. Her look is really simple and not too over the top, perfect for a night on the town. You can’t go wrong with a bright shade of lipstick, like MAC’s Russian Red, when you keep your outfit simple and relatively neutral. The key is to remind yourself how beautiful you are and that’s the reason you were asked out on a date. The outfit inspiration will come naturally after this, I can promise you that.

One Simple Change: If you’re not ready for something so short, try this maxi dress instead.

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