WHAT TO WEAR: Festival

There’s festival fashion and then there’s festival fashion. The latter tends to be where festival-goers change their own style because they are at a festival. Every June or from Coachella onwards, fashion magazines have a ‘festival fashion spotlight spread.’ This turns the muddy fields of Worthy Farm into a runway to showcase the hottest trends on the high street. On the other hand, this tends to mean that you lose your own sense of style.

I’m one for fancy dress or wild outfits and a festival is a perfect place for that anarchy. However, it is still important to dress for you. This Fashionista caught my attention because she hasn’t tried to adapt a new persona; she has dressed for herself. This Fashionista’s top (which is actually a playsuit) is bright and eye-catching, ready for a festival. A few rings on this Fashionista’s fingers keep it simple as festival-goers can go over the top with accessories.

Understated, yet still a key festival trend is the high-waisted denim short. I’ve mentioned it before and no doubt it’ll pop up again, but it is a staple.  I love that these are a vintage design and are long enough to cope with crazy dancing and paint splatters! I have mentioned ASOS Marketplace before, but it is a brilliant website for vintage shorts (I love the Levi ones).

Finally, to finish off this Fashionista’s look is a cross-body bag and some sunglasses. I’m a big fan of the tribal print on this Fashionista’s bag and it ties nicely with the whole outfit. Remember to always be yourself at festivals (or anywhere else) as people can tell when you aren’t, but still keep it fun!

One Simple Change: This outfit can easily be worn on the perfect vacation by adding the right accessories. A fedora or floppy hat would look great on this Fashionista and would complement the outfit. I would also recommend switching the cross-body bag for a ‘lady-like bag’ or tote for all your holiday essentials.

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