Oh, finals. The bane of any college student’s existence. After a semester of having fun, goofing off and choosing sleep over homework (What? We’re growing kids!), it is time to get to business and review all the reading you may or may not have done. Amidst all of the hustle and bustle, we are still expected to dress well. Luckily, this week’s featured Fashionisto shows us that with the perfect basics and confidence to kill, looking good during this last stretch isn’t as hard as it would seem.

A pop of color against the gray skies plaguing Atlanta (oddly indicative of the mood on campus), this Fashionista paired a casual T-shirt with cuffed chinos and bright teal Vans. Make his look a little more feminine by choosing a classic navy and white striped shirt and a skinny motorcycle pant. Très francais, no? The look is simple, but our Fashionisto’s smile and ease gave the unassuming outfit a new life.

This week’s Fashionisto proves an important point with fashion. This may be hyperbolic, but it seems like 99% of an outfit is really the attitude you put behind it. You can’t really pull off Lilly Pulitzer with an angry attitude just like wearing a totally grunge outfit but acting shy won’t really work.

“When you look good, you feel good” might be true, but when you feel good, your attitude can bring life to any ensemble. Your clothes shouldn’t bring you more stress during finals. After all, fashion is fun. So wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and you’re sure to be best dressed on campus.

One Simple Change: Add a denim jacket to this look and you’re all set for colder weather next fall!

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