As the end of the year rolls around and exams and papers devour us whole, style often falls to the wayside. I know, I know, it’s just so much easier to slip into those comfy sweatpants and that oversized hoodie. I, too, am guilty of looking like a not-so-hot mess in sweatpants during finals week; but there is a way to look trendy in sweatpants, and this post will show you how.

I spotted this Fashionisto from a mile away on the quad, and I knew I had to snap his photo because he has the perfect finals week attire. He styles his sweatpants in a hip and aesthetically pleasing way by pairing the basic pants with a loud tribal print top. He continues the flashy color scheme by plopping a printed beanie on top of his head, and sporting bright blue athletic shoes. By teaming his sweatpants with standout pieces, he manages to create an interesting ensemble that doesn’t give off any negative slob vibes.

To cop this Fashionisto’s look, opt for a pair of skinny sweatpants. More form-fitting sweatpants are just as comfortable as their balloon-like counterparts, but are 10 times better because the slimmer look makes them more chic and polished. Then, pile on eye-catching garments, like a printed top, colorful beanie and flamboyant shoes. Once you’ve got all the pieces of your study outfit in place, pick up your bags, head to the library and work hard to get all the As on your upcoming exams! You got this. You so got this.

One Simple Change: For a festival look, swap the sweatpants with some denim cut-offs and you’re set for three days of music under the sun.

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