As an active Class Council member I often feel like one of those background people at the Academy Awards. We get to put on the beautiful dresses but then comes the neon green staff pass. This would be excruciating if it weren’t for the opportunity to attend all of the senior formal events.  It’s a fashion lover’s dream to be surrounded by women in long form-flattering gowns with complementary accessories. I tear up when I see people who normally dress without care suddenly turn into Cinderella going to the ball — minus the curfew!

This copper-haired beauty followed the formal wear ABCs to the letter. She kept it elegant and classy so her inner beauty could shine all through the night. Her white pleated column dress reminds me of the dresses often seen on the mythical Grecian goddesses while her side part leading to a low bun pays homage to spring 2013’s runway favorite. The dress is fitting enough to showcase her enviable form while loose enough for her to “gangnam style” to her heart’s content.

As my entourage would tell you, I am a big fan of “less is more.” The one caveat is that the less has to carry its own weight in the outfit. This Fashionista followed the rule to the letters. She finished the goddess look with a gold statement belt hat shimmered every time it caught the light. She paired it with a delicate necklace and a metallic gold clutch. Thus, proving that the Midas touch is not a myth.

One Simple Change: Dresses like this one are known for their versatility. The best tip I picked up from this formal season is that the best way to turn one look into another is with safety pins. One of the party goers had grabbed the dress about halfway down and hoisted it up until the hem reached her knees. She then, with help from her friends, pinned it all around. She not only gave herself more freedom of movement but also created a second look in no time. Slide on a kitten heel or some sandals and you’ll be after party ready!

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