WHAT TO WEAR: Formal Date Night

So it happened! You’ve succeeded in getting your significant other to agree to bypass yet another night of channel surfing and ordering in Chinese. He — since he has to get dressed, might as well take it all the way — suggests going to the fancy restaurant his parents took him to during their last visit. After the initial elation, a cold wave of panic washes over you — how to look appropriate without going shopping!

Pause. Take several deep breaths and walk over to your closet. Chances are, like this Fashionista, you own a dress that is appropriate as well as feminine and flirty. Take heed on how to keep his eyes on you while putting the other patrons at ease.

If you’re a celebrity trend-spotter like myself, you might feel pressure to go for a body-hugging cocktail dress with stilettos. I think it’s time to give it a rest by opting for a dress that highlights your curves without showing too much. This Fashionista’s classic plaid dress hugs in all the right places while the knee-length full skirt highlights her every move. Another plus: this style would flatter most body types.

Summer nights get chilly, that’s a fact. One way to bypass the chills without covering up your outfit would be a solid-colored warp or pashmina. I loved the way she color coordinated her wrap with her black clutch, peeped-toed sandals and glasses. Slanted peeped-toed sandals not only keep you from teetering but also make your legs look curvier and longer. Those of us who wear specs instead of contacts know how hard it can be to embrace this fact, but fear no more! This Fashonista advises you to center your look around your glasses if you can’t do without. Chances are the look will have unexpected pizzazz and you’ll be glad to not having to squint the whole night.

As fancy as this date night is, remember that it’s not the Academy Awards. Bypass the sparkly or multitudes of jewelry and complete the look with subtle pearl studs. Thus, making the dress and the perfectly coiffed hair the main focus. Want extra credit? Dig out that pendent or bracelet he spent eight hours picking out for your birthday!

One Simple Change: This Fashionista could substitute the pashmina with a sculpted jacket, making this look appropriate to meet the parents. By opting for a high ponytail or bun, she’ll be fresh, hip and super appropriate.

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