WHAT TO WEAR: Game Night

This summer, whether you are interning, working, unemployed or taking classes it is important to get a break to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time with your friends. It is always fun to get some friends together and plan a game night. The games make us Fashionistas drop our phones and tablets, forget about work and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun and its extremely important to dress the part.

I spotted this Fashionista wearing a perfect outfit for Game Night. She sports a cute pair of cropped light pink jeans from Zara that show off her great tan and won’t get in the way for an intense game of charades. Her tank top and strappy sandals keep the summer look simple and sophisticated. I especially loved this Fashionista’s jewelry choices. She adds lots of simple layers that complement each other without making the outfit overdone. The classic Pandora bracelet paired with the newly trendy Alex and Ani bracelets dress the outfit up a bit all the while giving us a glimpse at the Fashionista’s personality with each bead and pendant. Her layered necklaces give the look of a wrap necklace with multiple layers and pendants which leaves no need for a very detailed shirt.

Game Nights are all about the fun. Kicking back, relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family means not worrying about your outfit. Pick something comfortable and versatile for air-conditioning and cool summer nights. This Fashionista picked a look that was simple yet still caught your eye. Colorful jeans, strappy sandals and fun necklaces keep the outfit looking fresh and fun without interfering with being comfortable.

One Simple Change: If your friends turn “Game Night” into “Game Afternoon” switch out the colorful jeans for a pair of bright and flirty shorts like these from Urban Outfitters. Then ditch the sandals and throw on a pair of Keds for all-day wear.

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