WHAT TO WEAR: Game Night

So Fashionistas, summer is almost over! With about two weeks of this glorious time left, it’s time to wear as many crop tops and shorts as you possibly can. Soon it is going to be layers city! Seeing this Fashionista taking full advantage of the current weather situation was the ultimate plus.

Game night is a great time to relax with friends, get a bit competitive and have a few laughs. Just because you are in a relaxed environment, doesn’t mean you should let your stylish quirks go to waste (tempting, I know). This Fashionista paired one of this summer’s biggest trends: distressed denim jeans (and from the picture we can see just how distressed these jeans are, wow)! She also sported a really cute orange crop top with the word “TRUTH” plastered on the front with black thong sandals. This is a great outfit for a game night because it is a relaxed look with some edge courtesy of the distressed jeans.

This Fashionista added some funk to this outfit with accessories, like her gorgeous black, square glasses and her colorful array of bracelets. If you look closely you can even spot her vintage gold Casio watch, which I personally think is pretty cool (cue Miley Cyrus voice).

Another important part of any outfit is the proper makeup! Sure, winged eyeliner and red lipstick are great; however, oftentimes, a minimally made up look is all that’s needed to save the day! This holds true if you are attending something as laid-back and relaxing as a game night. A good makeup tip is to save your dramatic makeup looks for those really special nights so that others can see different sides of you!

One Simple Change: Switch out the crop top for a shirt that represents your favorite team or college. Then, add a pair of Converse and you are ready for your close-up at any sporting event.

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