WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

As summer blooms, so do our social lives. This sunny, carefree season is ideal for nights out. We no longer spend evenings hiding under the blankets where it’s warm. Finally, there’s no need to worry about coat check or snow-proof hairstyles. The woes of winter are long gone and even after the sun goes down, it’s still gorgeous weather for a drink on the terrace. No matter what season, a good time out is definitely a must-have after a long day. This Fashionista’s original, playful look is a perfect way to work the summer nightlife that we live for. From her big silver hoop earrings to her red converse, she is ready to take on the town like she was born to peak during this season.

The tight-fitting dress in this outfit is something worth remembering. Though it’s definitely not your average summer sundress, the high neckline is a great style for summer. The color combination of black and white is basic, but the spiral pattern adds a psychedelic effect that leaves an impression. For an even crazier take on this idea, this dress works with geometric patterns and a little neon for kicks. This style is fun and summer-loving with a punch of sophistication perfect for a night out.

This Fashionista is wearing her dress with red Converse. A form-fitting dress can definitely be dressed down with a pair of sneakers of any color. Not only is red a super versatile color, it adds a pop of color to any neutral outfit. Opting for black laces is also a fun idea. In this case, the black laces really complement the black base of the dress. These Nike shoes would be an even crazier option. The slight platform and colored tick make a summer outfit all the more cool.

The accessories in this outfit are nothing short of perfect. The shape of the silver hoop earrings complement the spirals on the dress, while the red lipstick ties in her Converse. A pair of big earrings is an easy way to dress up an outfit. Hoops are a good option, but a pair of pendant earrings would also be chic. Finished off with some Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, this look works for both day and night events.

One Simple Change: Sneakers aren’t for everyone. They may not be your style, or the dress code for a certain girl’s night out may not allow them. Either way, this look doesn’t have to work with gym shoes. Substitute a pair of neutral wedge heels for a more dressed up version.

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