WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

Congratulations my fellow students. We have survived another semester. A semester that went entirely too fast until finals week, which dragged on far too long, of course. Now it’s time to kick back and do whatever you feel impelled to do, for me that is absolutely nothing. For some of you that might mean reuniting with old friends, getting in some good family time and for a lot of you there will be some events to attend. Say possibly a graduation ceremony for those super seniors or overachievers who are earning their diploma after some hard earned years. So if you will by chance be attending one of these celebrations look no further, this week’s Fashionisto is a textbook replica of what to wear to graduation.

First I will highlight this Fashionisto’s argyle sweater; prep is making a come back and it shows with this piece. The muted grays and blues keep the argyle pattern from being too in your face. Layering the sweater over a button up gave this look a cool and casual feel. The tan jeans and leather boat shoes give this look an all around classy feel, perfect for a graduation ceremony.

If you too will be attending a graduation ceremony this break, or any other event that requires you to pull yourself together and fool everyone into thinking you’re classy, then look no further. This week’s fashionable finds will have everyone thinking you are the epitome of class. First we have this Express argyle sweater. You can choose between a neutral color palette and a few brighter options. The great thing about this argyle print is that it is subdued just enough and features neutral colors which make matching much easier. Not feeling the argyle, then try out this plain Express sweater. This cotton V-neck comes in some staple colors that will make it a breeze to pair with your existing closet. Layer it over this Patagonia flannel from Nordstrom for a classy and casual look.

One Simple Change: Celebrating the graduate’s success after hours? Get ready with a simple swap. Simply change out of your sweater and throw on a your favorite jacket, whether it be leather, a hoodie or whatever else, and you will be ready to join in on the festivities.

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