Let’s talk about neon. It’s the middle of summer, the sun is mercilessly beating down on your already tan skin and the temperature has shot up above 100-degrees. It’s about time you take a plunge into the cool summer style pool. Gear up your courage and try some bold neon colored clothes. If you think you look too much like a highlighter in such flamboyant colors, throw away that self-consciousness, because you’ll never know until you try!

Take this Fashionista for example. She confidently dons a neon green dress, which she pairs with an equally trendy wide brim hat. Her lightweight dress and hat keep her cool on a hot summer day and her sunnies shield her eyes from the blinding sun. Not only is she well equipped for a heat wave, but she also looks oh-so-fashionable reppin’ not one, but two summer fads.

Are you eager to give the neon trend a go now? Purchase this glamorous neon dress from ASOS and pair it with these glorious gladiator sandals. If you’re not much of a dress gal, check out this adorable neon top. If you still aren’t convinced and still believe neon clothes make you look like a clown, try some subtle neon accessories. Take a peek at this Tory Burch neon crossbody. As I said before, you don’t know until you try, so grab some neon clothes or accessories and do just that. You may surprise yourself and absolutely love it!

One Simple Change: For colder weather, throw on a leather jacket or a comfy cardigan. To keep your toes warm, wear some ankle boots instead of sandals.

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