Although summer is filled with much needed relaxation, new adventures and plenty of memory making moments, there are certain aspects us Fashionistas/os could most certainly do without. Yes, I am talking about that dreadful, scorching heat. Although summer is surely a time to rejoice, wherever you may find yourself this season it is very likely that you will be faced with the infamous hot weather wardrobe dilemma. With temperatures soaring to all-time highs, our first instinct would probably fall along the lines of hibernating in our bedrooms rather than putting together an outfit worth braving the intense sun rays. Before you begin the endless search for a balance between fashion forward yet one hundred degree weather proof, fear no more for the key to dressing for sweltering temperatures is a lot simpler than you think.

Coincidentally, on an exhaustively scorching afternoon I stumbled upon this Fashionista sporting an ensemble that gave good old mother nature a run for her money.  On hot summer days, take a note from this Fashionista and opt for a breezy chiffon maxi skirt. This number from PacSun is an amazing option that promotes a great deal of comfort and breathability and is a much needed escape from our denim usual cutoffs. As this Fashionista demonstrates, when faced with an intense spike in weather tank tops are an absolute must. If the usual solid style doesn’t fulfill your heart’s desires, a lace crop top is the perfect substitute and supplier of that little extra ‘something.’ Finish off the look with your favorite pair of sandals and go-to bag and fully embrace the glorious summer season, heat waves and all.

One Simple Change: Swap the crop top for your favorite bikini and you’ll have an ensemble totally worthy for a day soaking up the sun rays and strolling the beach shores.


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