L.A. was a scorcher last week and even though the temperatures only reached the mid-90s, everyone was feeling the heat. While most people headed to the beach, I sought refuge at the pool and in the cool air conditioned stores in Old Town Pasadena. Though I saw various Fashionistas wearing different dresses and cut-offs, I was especially taken by this Fashionista’s colorful and comfortable outfit.

This Fashionista’s neon pink shorts was the first thing that caught my eye. Barely visible underneath her vintage chambray button down, her shorts are both fun and perfect for the hot weather. Colored shorts are an easy piece to wear during the summer and you can find a similar style in a variety of colors from Gap.

While most girls during a heat wave would choose to wear a tank top or a crop top, this Fashionista opted to wear a oversized chambray shirt instead. Chambray shirts are a favorite of mine and this Fashionista’s was no exception. Madewell always has a great selection with my favorite being the Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Ferrous Wash. Chambray shirts are a must have for any Fashionista’s closet and when styled correctly can be worn year round. During a heat wave, unbutton them and wear them with a tank underneath, like this Fashionista did, for a comfortable and cool outfit.

At first, I didn’t notice this Fashionista’s delicate jewelry but upon second glance, I instantly fell in love. Her matching ring and necklace, both yellow diamonds (yes yellow diamonds!) are classic and timeless pieces. If you read my column you know that I’m a big fan of statement rings, and this Fashionista’s ring, though small, made a statement of its’ own. Her jewelry reminded me that sometimes less is more and occasionally all you need is a few delicate pieces to complete your outfit.

After seeing this necklace and ring, I went on the hunt for my own and found similar pieces at Dogeared and ASOS. A few of my favorite necklaces include the Healing Gem Rock Crystal Necklace and the Healing Gem Pink Jade Necklace. My favorite ASOS pieces are the Ottoman Hands Stone Ring and this Sapphire Geometric Ring.

In the hot summer weather, try switching out some of the heavy jewelry for more subtle delicate pieces. Instead, let a colored bottom be the statement piece of your outfit. You’ll feel comfortable, cool and stylish just like this Fashionista!

One Simple Change: For days that aren’t as hot, switch from colored shorts to a pair of colored jeans like these from J.Crew. Or you can switch out your chambray shirt and pair your colored shorts with a basic white silk top like this Joie one for a more tailored look.

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