The weather forecast for the rest of summer is hot. EXTREMELY HOT. Here in this lovely state of South Carolina, it is completely normal for temperatures to reach the upper 90s. This on top of the ridiculously high humidity makes for bad hair days and sticky bodies. Okay, that sounded gross. I should have put it as we describe it in SC, “Southern girls don’t sweat, they glisten.” During this intense summer weather, I, along with the rest of the folks from “South Cakalaky” start finding ways to stay cool. One way to beat the heat is to dress for the weather. Don’t wear pants and thick socks to run around downtown in 93-degree weather while doing pick ups for your internship—speaking from personal experience on that one.

This Fashionista is a perfect example of what one should wear in the blistering humid heat of the south. Her loose knee-length shorts are great for staying cool and comfortable, but they’re also unique and extremely fashionable. Yes, they are shorts! At first I thought she was wearing a skirt, but when I found out they were actually knee length shorts I may have gotten a little too excited. I love her bottoms because they are different from the normal pair of jean shorts that you see hundreds of times while walking down the street. This Fashionista is definitely not afraid to take risks and to have fun with fashion.

She pairs her amazing striped shorts with a crop top, lots of bracelets and a pair of to-die-for pointed peep-toe booties. Her crop top will help her stand the heat. When wearing shorter shirts, make sure to wear bottoms that cover enough of your stomach. My rule of thumb has always been to make sure my navel is always covered. Trust me, no one wants to have to question whether you’re wearing a shirt or bra in public. Summertime in the south is a scorcher. With the right clothes and maybe one of the cool misting fans that you see at Disney World, staying cool can be a breeze.

One Simple Change: Her crop top is great for a heat wave. Swap the top for a floral blouse to transform this ensemble into an outfit that would be appropriate for an internship.

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