I like to think of the summer as a season of surprises; it’s the few months of a long year that usually inject new freedom into our lives. This freedom may foster new relationships, inspire us to take on more adventures or maybe just lighten our hair and darken our skin. But one thing about the summertime never comes as a surprise…the heat! Lately, I’ve shamefully spent the sunniest of days indoors in fear of escaping the AC. The real solution to keep cool during these summer heat waves is to dress accordingly, and this Fashionista was fully prepared with her outfit choices.

I immediately asked this Fashionista where she purchased her shorts, before interrupting myself to question whether she had made them. I realized as soon as I took a closer look at their perfect fit and ripped details that they looked one-of-a-kind. I was right! More and more girls are jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to DIY shorts and the results are amazing. Not only are you saving money but your shorts are guaranteed to look great on your body. If you’re not into DIY you can have someone else do the work for you by sending your measurements to blogs on Etsy.

It was love the first time I ever slid my feet into a pair of TOMS. The shoes are comfortable, versatile and represent an awesome cause. Not only will you look great in TOMS shoes, you can also add a little pep to your step knowing you’ve helped out those less fortunate than you by supporting a company that makes huge efforts in giving back. They are very breathable and are a great alternative to sandals on a hot summer day.

This Fashionista reminded me of how adorable an accessory a backpack can be! Not only does this bag keep your hands and arms free on a hot day, but it adds a certain playfulness to any outfit. This summer, don’t let the rising temperatures stop you from looking your best. Find a pair of jean shorts that were made for you, throw on any simple cropped tank, a pair of TOMS and maybe even a cute backpack and slurp down a refreshing cup of Starbucks in style.

One Simple Change: To bring this outfit from day to night, ditch the TOMS and try an espadrille wedge. Also don’t forget to add some jewelry — I would stick to chunky bangles or big bold earrings.

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