A heat wave has officially invaded New York City. Seriously, if the wind circulated by a passing subway is relief, you know you are in it deep. The heat is almost unbearable, but what kind of New Yorker would you be if you didn’t suffer outside with the rest of the city? The real issue, of course, is maintaining a fashion sense despite the heat. This Fashionista provided a sensible answer that many, such as myself, often avoid: Be prepared.

This Fashionista didn’t kid herself that she would be fine (really!) in a denim vest layered over a blouse layered over a cami, but rather, she dressed sensibly. The key piece to this outfit is the loose cropped top. Tight tanks only speed up the inevitable pesky perspiration. Avoid instant marks with a similar top. This Fashionista wore a dark floral print, but I also love comic book-inspired tops for a pinch of vintage. This Fashionista’s top is also a good length—it shows a little skin but won’t be mistaken for an undergarment.

This Fashionista kept it clean on the bottom with a simple black pencil skirt. I am also partial to edgy skater skirts in the harsh heat. Whatever shape you choose, a cotton piece is the most breathable. As cute as chiffon minis might be, I promise you—in the summer, they are not your friends. To complete the weather-friendly outfit, this Fashionista kept her accessories minimal, but powerful. She wore simple tan sandals, a boho cross-body bag and finished it off with a red headband.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista is totally prepped for a scorcher. If she swapped out her skirt for high-waist denim cut-offs and added some cool jewelry, she would be ready for a fun summer festival.

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