We’ve hit the peak of our summer. The excitement of the season has died down and the mid-July heat has set in. All we want to do is sit around in our bathing suits and eat ice cream (or is that just me?). Even though it is easy to give up on our look when the temperature hits 90-something, dressing for a heat wave isn’t as dreadful as you think. I spotted this Fashionista cooling down in a local coffee shop sporting a great outfit for a very hot day.

The typical outfit you think of on a hot day probably incorporates some sort of flowing skirt or short dress, but you can’t forget the classics. Many times it is much too hot for a pair of shorts and a T-shirt or button-down, but when your favorite shorts are paired with a flowing and light tank top you can rock them no what matter the temperature is. This Fashionista chose a perfect thin-strapped tank top from PacSun with a very unique polka-dot and rose pattern and pairs it with a great pair of J.Crew chinos. Keep in mind that many designers’ shorts vary from spring to summer. Often times the summer shorts are made with lighter material and are much more bearable.

When trying to beat the heat, keep your outfit simple. Pick pieces made of lighter materials and let the pattern do the talking. Similarly, pick pieces of jewelry that are light but surely make a statement. The glass earrings and stackable rings this Fashionista wears are trendy and make a simple outfit seem well thought out. Don’t let the heat fool you into thinking your outfit must suffer!

One Simple Change: If you’re headed to a concert during this heat wave, switch out the tank for a bold crop top and accessorize with a cute headwrap.

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