WHAT TO WEAR: Hopping Into Spring

Lovely spring is finally here! There have been so many cool looks and outfits going down the streets of New York City lately. With so many people out and a plethora of inspiration, it’s been so amazing to be out and be a part of it!

I spotted this amazing outfit on this adorable Fashionista this past month! What caught my eye about her outfit right away was the oversize, comfy looking T-shirt dress that she rocked so well. Her long blonde hair flowed beautifully through the wind making her a definite head-turner!

I asked this Fashionista what her inspiration was behind the look, “I love St. Tropez,” she began, “and I’m a big thrifter for sustainability reasons. So when I saw this Wildfox T-shirt I was so excited. And, I looked it up… It retailed for like $400 or something!” she told me. Amazing! I love hearing thrift stories! It’s like clothes are getting a chance at a second life.

This Fashionista also went for a bold statement with some beautiful accessories that I’m still obsessed with! She went for a necktie which are so in right now! Neckties have been a huge trend, as they should be. They’re so simple and easy to style, as well as cute! The necktie is my favorite part of this outfit. I love the color blocking she’s creating, with such a simple accessory piece. The maroon and yellow overlays nicely with the blue dress that creates a vibrant look for spring!

Another accessory piece that is making a statement are her cat-eye sunglasses. They give such attitude to the look and really makes one look sassy and sweet at the same time! Cat-eye styled sunglasses are personally my favorite, so I was able to connect to the accessory piece in a great way. It’s another great element to style up this look that includes unique accessory pieces. It’s silly, but I also include beautiful long, golden hair as an accessory! It’s so beautiful, especially on her, because she’s so tall and it flows with the necktie and T-shirt dress so well. For shoes, she’s wearing white sneakers, which looks best with T-shirt dresses in her opinion. “It’s just so comfy, you know?” she told me. I do–It looks comfy!

This Fashionista achieved the goal of using just two simple accessory pieces, the neck scarf and sunglasses, to dress up a simple graphic T-shirt dress with sneakers. It caught my eye and that of many others I’m assuming!

I hope to be seeing this Fashionista around campus a lot more to totally obsess over more outfits!

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